List of unsafe and/or not recommended airlines.

AviRate's safety assessments include factors such as 
IOSA certification,
a ban from operating in the European Union, a positive ICAO Country Audit,
FAA endorsment, and a minimum five-year period without fatalities.
As of October 8th 2017 the following airlines do not meet the minimum security
requirements of AviRate International (minimum 21 out of 55 points) and are
considered as unsafe and not recommended.

In exceptional circumstances, airlines may be temporarily not recommended
for reasons other than safety.

For further details please click the name of the airline.

                                                                COUNTRY OF ORIGN:
Afghan Jet International logo.png  Afghan Jet International  Afghanistan 10/55 points
afric aviation  Afric Aviation  Gabon 10/55 points
Africa's Connection Logo  Africa's Connection  Sao Tome & Principe 10/55 points
AfriqiyahNewLogo.png  Afriqiyah Airways  Libya 10/55 points
Air Djibouti logo.svg  Air Djibouti  Djibouti 10/55 points
Air Kasai  Air Kasai  Dem. Rep. of Congo 10/55 points
 Air Libya  Libya 10/55 points
air panama logo  Air Panama  Panama 20/55 points
air rarotonga  Air Rarotonga  Cook Islands 15/55 points
ATCL Logo.PNG  Air Tanzania  Tanzania 15/55 points
air tropiques  Air Tropiques  Dem. Rep. of Congo 0/55 points
 Airmark Indonesia  Indonesia 5/55 points
al-naser airlines  Al-Naser Airlines  Iraq 15/55 points
Ariana Afghan Airlines logo.svg  Ariana Afghan Airlines  Afghanistan 10/55 points
Asia Atlantic Airlines Logo.svg  Asia Atlantic Airlines  Thailand 15/55 points
Aviastar (Indonesia) logo.png  Aviastar Mandiri  Indonesia 5/55 points
bassaka air logo  Bassaka Air  Cambodia 15/55 points
bhutan airlines logo  Bhutan Airlines  Bhutan 15/55 points
Buraq Air logo.png  Buraq Air  Libya 10/55 points
buta airways  Buta Airways  Azerbaijan 20/55 points
canadian airways congo  Canadian Airways Congo  Republic of Congo 10/55 points
citilink  Citilink  Indonesia 20/55 points
congo airways logo  Congo Airways  Dem. Rep. of Congo 10/55 points
Daalloairlines.jpg  Daallo Airlines  Somalia 10/55 points
druk air logo  Druk Air  Bhutan 15/55 points
East Horizon Airlines logo.png  East Horizon Airlines  Afghanistan 10/55 points
Eritrean Airlines logo.png  Eritrean Airlines  Eritrea 10/55 points
Fastjet logo (without Parrot).svg  FastJet Tanzania  Tanzania 15/55 points
FlyBaghdad.png  FlyBaghdad  Iraq 15/55 points
Compagnie Africaine d'Aviation logo.jpg.png.jpg  FlyCAA  Dem. Rep. of Congo 0/55 points
ghadames air transport  Ghadames Air Transport  Libya 10/55 points
Indonesia Air Transport logo.png  Indonesia Air  Indonesia 15/55 points
AirAsia New Logo.svg  Indonesia AirAsia  Indonesia 10/55 points
AirAsia X Logo.svg  Indonesia AirAsia X  Indonesia 15/55 points
Iraqi Airways Logo.svg  Iraqi Airways  Iraq 10/55 points
jet asia airways  Jet Asia Airways  Thailand 15/55 points
 Jet Express  Gabon 0/55 points
Jhonlin Air Transport logo.png  Jhonlin Air Transport  Indonesia 15/55 points
 Kalstar Aviation  Indonesia 15/55 points
Kaltim Airlines logo.png  Kaltim Airlines  Indonesia 15/55 points
Kam Air logo.png  Kam Air  Afghanistan 15/55 points
KAN AIR LOGO.jpg  Kan Air  Thailand 15/55 points
karinou airlines  Karinou Airlines  Central African Republic 15/55 points
 Kaya Airlines  Mozambique 10/55 points
kin avia  Kin Avia  Dem. Rep. of Congo 0/55 points
Libyan airlines

 Libyan Airlines

 Libya 10/55 points
Libyan Wings logo.png

 Libyan Wings

 Libya 10/55 points
malawian airlines  Malawian Airlines  Malawi 20/55 points
mustique airways Logo  Mustique Airways  St. Vincent & Grenadines 15/22 points
LOGO NAM HORIZONTAL.png  NAM Air  Indonesia 15/55 points
nationale regionale transport  Nationale Regionale Transport  Nauru 10/55 points
Nauru Airlines logo.jpg  Nauru Airlines  Nauru 15/55 points
NepalAirlines.png  Nepal Airlines  Nepal 05/55 points
New Gen Airways.png  NewGen Airways  Thailand 15/55 points
Nok Air logo.svg  Nok Air  Thailand 15/55 points
Logo novoair.jpg  Novoair  Bangladesh 15/55 points
Palau Pacific Airways logo.jpg  Palau Pacific Airways  Palau 15/55 points
Polynesian Airlines.png  Polynesian Airlines  Samoa 20/55 points
Real Tonga logo.jpg  REALtonga  Tonga 15/55 points
RegentAirwaysLogo.jpg  Regent Airways  Bangladesh 15/55 points
ryanair logo  Ryanair - Due to massive   flight cancellations!
 United Kingdom  
stp airways  Sao Tome & Principe Airways  Sao Tome & Principe 10/55 points
Siam Air logo.png  Siam Air  Thailand 15/55 points
Skyangkorairlineslogo.jpg  Sky Angkor Airlines  Cambodia 15/55 points
Sriwijaya Air Logo  Sriwijaya Air  Indonesia 15/55 points
sunrise airways  Sunrise Airways  Haiti 15/55 points
Susi Air logo.png  Susi Air  Indonesia 05/55 points
SwazilandAirlinkLogo.png  Swaziland Airlink  Swaziland 15/55 points
Tara Air logo.jpg  Tara Air  Nepal 20/55 points
thai airasia  Thai AirAsia  Thailand 15/55 points
AirAsia X Logo.svg  Thai AirAsia X  Thailand 15/55 points
Thai Smile logo  Thai Smile  Thailand 15/55 points
Thai Vietjet Air.png  Thai VietJet Air  Thailand 15/55 points
TransNusa Air Services logo.svg  TransNusa  Indonesia 15/55 points
trigana air service  Trigana Air Service  Indonesia 05/55 points
tropical air  Tropical Air  Tanzania 15/55 points
 US-Bangla   Bangladesh 15/55 points
Virgin Samoa.png  Virgin Samoa  Samoa 20/55 points
XpressAir logo.png  Xpress Air  Indonesia 15/55 points
yemenia  Yemenia  Yemen 15/55 points
zagrosjet  Zagrosjet  Iraq 15/55 points

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