Fly Lottery

Terms and Conditions


-          The winner is randomly determined by draw. The lot decides.

-          Participation is limited to one lot per draw. The draws are held weekly.

-          The winner of the awarded ticket will be notified by e-mail.

-          The prize will be forfeited if the winner does not report within 2 weeks after notification.

-          Only fully paid lots participate in the raffle.

-          The awarded flight ticket is one full fare round trip ticket for max. 2 persons.

-          You can book any desired route from Airport A to Airport B and back.

-          Minors are not allowed to participate in the raffle.

-          The awarded ticket(s) will be booked in Economy class, for upgrades please contact the Airline once the awarded flight is booked.
           Applying additional fees are borne by the traveler.

-          The journey is possible at any desired time within one year after notice, but at the earliest 6 weeks after the raffle.

-          For organizational reasons it is possible that the awarded flight deviates +/- 1 to 2 days from your desired date.

-          Transfers from and to the Airport, excess and/or extra Baggage, seat reservation, special requests and any other costs not related
           to the awarded flight ticket are borne by the traveler.

-          It is the responsibility of the traveler to arrive in time for check-in, security check and boarding at the airport.

-          The awarded ticket expires, should the traveler miss his flight by fault or do not appear in time at the airport. In such a case there is
           no claim to a new ticket.

-          In case of a necessary rebooking of the awarded ticket, the traveler shall bear the corresponding costs.

-          A cash payout of the prize, namely the money value of the desired flight, is not possible.

-          Purchased lots are excluded from exchange and return.

-          Any recourse to law/legal action shall be excluded.

-          AviRate reserves the right to change the conditions and other regulations of FLY LOTTERY at any time partially or completely, or to terminate it.

Important notice:

-          The winner is obligated to organize necessary visas and other travel documents himself and at his own expense before traveling.

-          AviRate does not provide any legal information or support about required visas.
           Please contact the Consular Representation of your country of destination for further details.

-          The winner must be in possession of valid travel documents for the entire period of travel.

-          The respective travel warnings and restrictions of the winners’ home country may lead to some destinations not being accepted.

-          The winner is obligated to submit to the respective customs and entry regulations of the country of destination.

-          In the following, the winner declares that he will not use the won flight neither abusive nor to commit crimes. In the event of a breach of this
           declaration, AviRate reserves it’s right to claim damages.


Each participant of the draw will agree with the conditions of participation listed above.

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