AviRate International is the first and only aviation classification agency to monitor and continuously evaluate the safety and quality of each airline worldwide in real time.
Also, we are the first and only one making recommendations against traveling with a particular airline, if necessary.
We have committed ourselves to providing air travelers with unbiased real-time insight into the quality and safety of each airline.
In addition to safety - and flying is safer than ever before - the quality of an airline plays a very important role nowadays. This includes, for example, the communication between airline and passenger, the support and supply if necessary and clearly the value of each passenger on the part of the airline before, during and after the flight.
Flying is - then as now - an exciting experience and not a bus ride. Therefore, it is only understandable that this experience should be as pleasant as possible.

The ratings of AviRate are very strict, extensive and standardized. They cover over 1100 points.
Also, our reviews are as transparent as possible designed to demonstrate our objectivity and, above all, neutrality.

We are very proud to say that you can be sure that an airline offers exactly what it has been rated by AviRate.

We wish you a good flight at all times.

   AviRate International
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